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h2taglets (Release 0.1)

Submitted by h2b on 13. July 2009 - 17:18

h2taglets is a collection of Javadoc taglets that provide for mathematical typesetting, bibliographical references and general numerical references. It adds the following tags to Javadoc:


includes mathematical formulas as HTML (with simple but convenient extensions), MathML or graphic


produces a numerical label for cross-referencing


references that label


builds a bibliography block


cites that block

They are intended to be used with the standard Javadoc doclet, at least Java version 1.5.0 is required. The complete syntax of these tags and examples for usage are included in the documentation of the corresponding taglets (see apidocs). The software including documentation and additional files is subject to the GNU General Public License, version 2 (see LICENSE).

Online documentation


Downloads (.zip archives) for binaries, documentation (equivalent to online documentation) and sources are provided below. Note that the three downloads are almost disjunct. Nevertheless, they will unpack into the same directory. This is safe, since all overlapping files are identical.

For use in your own documentation comments only the binaries are required. However, you should take a look at the documentation---either online or in the zip file.

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