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Improving Mailserver Reputation

Submitted by h2b on 7. March 2019 - 20:50
Mails sent from your server go into the recipient's spam or junk folder.

It is quite easy to set up a mailing system on your own server, but more often than not the recipients of your mails find them in their spam or junk folder – if at all. The reason is that most mail providers establish procedures to block unsolicited mails we have to deal with nowadays.

Server Monitoring by RSS with Utilib

Submitted by h2b on 24. February 2018 - 17:59

This is an alternative way of monitoring servers. Each monitoring task requires to call some command on the server and to check the results. Here, we describe how we can send the results to an RSS server by using Scala scripts and my Utilib library while including automatic checks to discard redundant information and giving the rest in a convenient way to the observer.

This approach has some advantages including

Web Server in a Sandbox

Submitted by h2b on 5. July 2017 - 17:19
Debian GNU/Linux
A web server and related services as a database server shall run in jailed environments, so that they have no or or only limited access to other processes or filesystem paths of the operating system.

There are different methods to get a sandbox environment. Here, we use the  Firejail Security Sandbox, which allows to assign a private sealed scope to a service and all associated processes; this includes resources like network access, process table or filesystem. Therewith, the service only sees its own processes and can only access the part of the filesystem that has been assigned tio it.

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