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LinAlg -- The Linear-Algebra Scala Library

Submitted by h2b on 30. December 2015 - 19:54
Programming language: 
Scala (2.12, 2.11)
Source code: 
Saturday, 20. January 2018

LinAlg provides data types and operations for algebraic vectors and matrices.

Vector and Matrix elements can be of arbitrary type, provided that a factory for that element type is available. Currently, factories exist for Double, Float, Long, Int, Short, Byte and Char.

Vector and matrix (row and column) indices can be any integer (to state more precisely, an index must be in the interval [Mindex, Maxdex], as defined in the Index object). But only elements corresponding to a subset of that whole integer range actually are stored (the concrete elements), while all other elements by definition are zero (virtual elements).

This concept (which I got to value a long time ago with the ALGOL68 library prelude TORRIX) does not only provide a natural approach to operations with vectors and matrixes of different index ranges, but also prevents from index-out-of-bounds exceptions.

Concrete index ranges (those indices that correspond to concrete elements) implicitly or explicitly are assigned when a vector or matrix is created. By default, it starts at 1 and extends to the number of elements specified, but this is customizable.